I’m happy to announce that Theo 3.0 has finally been released. The last half 2015 was extremely busy so this important release was delayed. But finally, with the wonderful contributions from Nik Saers, Swift 3 support is now in, as well as, new integration features, unit tests refactors, CocoaPods support and much more.

What’s Next

Working on Theo is a labor of love and I want to see it grow. Nik and I are starting to outline what 3.0.1 will be and 3.1. While 3.0 supports Swift 3 there is still legacy design and syntax that behaves like Swift 2.0 and Objective-C. I plan on refactoring all the callbacks to use a Result type with generics. This will make all the request / responses standarized, easily testable and a robust.

As always I appreciate feedback and PR’s.

I code stuff in Swift. I also raise children, workout, and make a perfect old fashioned.