Fun Times Creating an Email Client with SwiftUI

The Same, but Different

In order to “round out” my SwiftUI journey I decided to create a MacOS email prototype. The differences between this project and the BankingUI / DashboardUI where much less than I thought. Though this is just a prototype and not a full fledge, it gave me an insight as to the different mindset(s) and consideration(s) for building a MacOS app vs an iOS / iPad.

EmailUI Prototype

Lacking (time)

I wanted to add in a bit more functionality, but my main hustle and updates to Significant Other have been up taking most of my time.

The Future

Now that I have created and iPhone, iPad and MacOS prototypes, my predication of “SwiftUI as the future” is even higher. AppKit, much like UIKit, isn’t / shouldn’t go away, but SwiftUI bridges the framework and paradigm gap between Apple’s platforms.

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